Digital Download + WIMBERBANDS


Introducing our first series intended to lengthen and sculpt a long, lean, and strong dancer's body. Learn Jason Wimberly's secret to gorgeous legs and a sexy midsection with our first WIMBERLEAN DVD.

The same content as our classic DVD, in an easy to download format that can easily sync to all your mobile devices.

Each Digital Download includes
– WIMBERBANDS: 3 bands in different strengths with carrier bag & instant digital downloads
1. Intro Video
2. Sculpted Upper Body (30 mins)
3. Dancer Legs (30 mins)
4. Tone That Thass (40 mins)
5. Carved Out Core (10 mins)
6. Anywhere Tabata (5 mins)
7. Stretch & Restore (15 mins)
8. BONUS – Fitness Princess BTS

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