It’s no surprise, my clients become great friends – and friends become clients. In my continued series to feature some of the amazing Team WIMBERLEAN, we meet Shantel, one of the original WIMBERLEAN crew. 

Shan (as her friends often call her) has this glow that is magnetic. She has that quality about her that you just want to be her friend instantly. Charming, Generous, and Beautiful, she embodies everything #teamwimberlean is all about. 

While fitness may have not always been Shantel’s favorite thing, she loves the way it makes her feel, and knows the work she does today, will give her a better life tomorrow. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t had it challenges. Working in nightlife for the last few years, Shantel struggled to be consistent like so many of us do. That hasn’t deterred her from giving her all when she can, and loving the sweat life. 

Let’s meet Shantel, and learn a bit more about this gorgeous Angeleno.

Question : Has fitness always been an important part of your life?
Not always but more so the last few years

Question : Do you enjoy working out?
I enjoy certain workouts

Question : What is the biggest challenge of maintaining your health and fitness regime?
My work schedule and discipline when it comes to food

Question : What is the most rewarding part?
The way I feel when I workout, my energy level increase, and the results 🙂

Question : Who, or what, inspires you to keep going?
Well for one, Jason is very inspiring and just helps me love myself more and to want to better myself, to do this for me! I also keep going because I like the way I feel when I’m fit

                                         Question : What new fitness goal are on the horizon for you?                                          
To get back into the rhythm of working out on a regular basis. To make time no matter what to work out at least 3 times a week.

Follow Shantel on Twitter at @Shantybutterfly

Source: Wimberblog

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