Eat Up

I know, I know…

Everyone has this idea that eating healthy, means skipping all the flavor. This avocado and egg breakfast pizza begs to differ though. It is so yummy, don’t keep it just for breakfast. A perfect pre-workout snack too with balanced carbs, healthy fats, and protein. Bon Apetite.


6-inch Greek or pocketless pita, or other flatbread

1 mashed ripe avocado
1 dash each lemon juice, extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt, pepper, chili flakes, cumin, and cumin seed
1 organic egg, cooked to your liking


Toast pita until crisp and spread avocado on pita. Drizzle with lemon, olive oil, and spices, and top with egg.

Nutrition score per serving: 252 calories, 15g fat, 18g carbs, 6g protein, 2g fiber

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