Chill Out

So much of current fitness messaging is encouraging “No Breaks,” or “No Days Off.” I instantly cringe, because “no days off,” means very soon…. you might be taking many days off due to a new injury. You see, believe it or not, fitness is just as much about the recovery, as the quality of your work. I don’t train every day. I don’t spend hours in the gym. I dedicate a killer hour, and I take days off (sometimes a couple in a row). Yes, I admit to freaking out sometimes if I don’t get a pump on in two days, but in reality, whenever I do get back in, I always feel stronger, more refreshed, and ready to go. Point is, it’s ok to chill out.

Take a day off, hit the beach, and maybe even eat some french fries. Life is short, and what’s the point of working so hard on that beach body, if you don’t get to enjoy it and show it off because you’re always training in the gym. Just like almost everything in your life, it’s all about quality, not necessarily quantity. 

Fitness is about longevity, and the future you want to live. 
Looking good today just happens to be a great side effect.
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