Following a career as a professional dancer, and after teaching over 5000 Group Fitness classes at Equinox, Revolution Studio, Mansion Fitness, Soulcycle and 24Hour Fitness, WIMBERLEAN is the culmination of everything Jason Wimberly has learned in his decade long career in fitness. 

Jason Wimberly's mind-body approach to fitness has garnered the attention of some big names. Believing the body is a result of our mind's thoughts, his all encompassing approach is not just about the body we live in today, but the lives we want to lead in the future. That's just one of the reasons Wimberly has been sought after by MTV, Capital Records, and Next Models LA to whip their talent into shape, and fast! Jason makes fitness fun and fabulous, whether in one of his trademark WIMBERLEAN classes, his show stopping spin classes, or private personal training, his encouraging attitude and giving nature are truly one of a kind.


My workouts with Jason have made me a stronger and healthier person: the laughing breaks in between sets keep me coming back for more.

Jane Lynch

Glamorous beyond words, wise, capable and kind, Jason Wimberly is the ideal trainer for anyone who cares about their body, soul, and mind; who wants to feel great and look great. My god, I have to get there ASAP. Love him.

Selma Blair

Jason is by far the best trainer I've had. I trust him with my body and I have results to prove it. I love him! (P.S- He's a robot, don't even try and compete)

Sonoya Mizuno
Actress / Model

I loathe working out, until Jason reminds me that I love the results. I've never met anyone who can tailor something I love to ignore, to something I crave. Jason is a people whisperer, in a weirdly beautiful and prophetic way. I trust no one with my well-being the way I do with him.

Raja Gemini
RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 Winner

Amazing trainer! Jason has an incredible grasp on physiology which is important to a 40 something like me. His technique and form instruction are invaluable. The best part, free entertainment daily!

Rob Novinger

Jason is the most amazing combination of challenge, inspiration & giggles. He always knows exactly what My body needs to be its best- sometimes its lifting MORE & sometimes is doing LESS & more precise. But it always results in my body & soul feeling amazing.

Alysia Reiner

I absolutely love training with Jason. He challenges, inspires AND entertains me as I sweat! I love my Wimberlean body!

Annabeth Gish

The results from my workouts with Jason have been transformative. The sessions are really tough, but we laugh the whole time.

Fred Anawalt

My exercise obsession when in L.A., I love to train with Jason Wimberly.

Leila Goldkuhl

Absolutely adore Jason and training with him. He spends time to learn your body and adjusts the training to bring you the best results possible. You can literally see your body transforming in front of your eyes.

Alina Kuzmina
Green Energy Specialist

Refusing to confirm to industry norms, Jason has worked to break down gender roles in fitness, showing that strength comes in all sizes.

He was the first male ambassador for Kate Hudson’s FABLETICS, and Carbon38.

As a sponsored athlete for UK fashion brand SUKISHUFU, Jason was also the label's first #SUKIBOY and continues to collaborate with the apparel brand.

An accomplished fitness contributor and published author, visit the PRESS page to learn more.